Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Paris Tale Picture

I'm Paris Tale! I’m so ready to take all off my clothes off! It’s very exciting to get naked while you’re watching me… it makes me wanna play with myself! You wanna play with me too?
Age: 18
Hair color: Blonde
Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 117
Shoe: 8.5
Piercings: Belly button
Tattoos: None
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite drink: Bacardi Breezers
Favorite food: Turkey Bolognese
Favorite dessert: Lemon jello
Favorite position: Girl on top!Favorite music: Ballads
Favorite body part: My boobies
Fantasy: To do it while blindfolded

Paris Tale

Hi! I’m Paris Tale! Welcome to my blog! Why don’t we both get naked and have a lot of fun? My whole body is tingling in anticipation of you. I love to get naked and play with my titties! Look at them! Do you like them? I can show you the rest of my body too, if you like!

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love to day dream about sex! I think I do it all day long! It gets me so distracted… and wet! I have to carry spare panties just in case mine get too wet with my fantasies!